Building, buying, or renovating a home is a huge deal. We obsess over every detail, making sure that the home is built to meet our needs. But all too often, the landscape of the overall property is an afterthought; something to look at but not something we think about living with.

With most of us spending more and more time at home these days, it’s worthwhile to take a look at your outdoor space and think, “Who is this built for?”

At Frisella Landscape Group, we’re fortunate to get to help so many St. Louis families build their dream landscapes. And the first step of our design process is always asking a simple question: “What does a landscape built for you look like?” The possibilities are endless…

Built for Your Life

Staying home doesn’t have to mean staying inside. Great landscaping lets you enjoy every part of your property to the fullest. The options are endless: dining, relaxing, entertaining, exercising, or just enjoying nature. It’s your space – build it for you.

Built for Entertaining

Landscaping that’s built for you isn’t just lovely to look at – it’s designed with your happiness in mind. And whether you’re planning a (socially distant!) party or just keeping your family entertained, your home’s outdoor space is the perfect location. You can add entertainment value with a pool, an outdoor bar, a TV/ media space, and more.

Built For Laughter

Sometimes, the best moments in life are the simplest: catching fireflies in the tall grass. Laughing uproariously over shared stories. Celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a new job, or just a great day. When your landscape reflects the things you love the most, you’ll find more and more of these moments taking place in your own backyard.

Built to Last

When you’re designing an outdoor space for your dream home, you want landscaping that will grow and last for years to come. Our landscape design is always customized for your needs, from your favorite trees to native plants that will thrive in your yard to open spaces perfect for playful animals or growing children.

Built For Fun

The appeal of a good-looking garden is undeniable. But when it comes to your outdoor space, landscaping means more than putting in a couple of pretty plants. If you can dream it, we can help you build it, from an exotic waterfall grotto to a climbing wall for your aspiring mountaineers.

Built For Warmth

Is there anything cozier than an evening spent under the stars, warming yourself by the fire? Firepits makes an excellent addition to any outdoor space, ideal for everything from roasting hotdogs and marshmallows to sharing drinks with friends to a romantic evening cuddling by firelight.

Built For The Home Chef

Farm to table dining has been a popular movement for years. What better way to emphasize the connection between the food we eat and the world we live in than enjoying a great meal cooked in the great outdoors? Whether you’re looking for a spruced-up grill pit or a full outdoor kitchen, we can help you create the landscape cooking and dining area you’ve been dreaming of.

Built For You!

We’ve built landscapes designed around manicured walking paths and outdoor art, landscapes full of native plants and spaces for sitting in nature, landscapes designed around elaborate swimming pools or serene backyard oases, terraced gardens and wide open spaces for children’s games. The only constant was that each landscape was designed to be the ideal space for its owner to enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about our concierge landscape design and build services, we invite you to schedule a consultation today. It all starts with a single question: What do you dream of in a landscape built just for you?