At Frisella Landscape Group we value our customers and want you to receive years of enjoyment from your investment. Landscaping should be performed with ongoing maintenance in mind, and our commitment to helping you maintain a beautiful lawn begins with proper irrigation and drainage.

Too often, irrigation systems lack proper coverage and don’t use a zone approach, compromising plant health in landscape beds or the lawn. Just like different surfaces in your home require specific care, the different trees and plants in your yard all have different irrigation and drainage needs. Professional design and installation from Frisella Landscape Group’s experts will ensure that specific areas of your lawn are targeted with proper water distribution and drainage, cutting down on waste and saving you money.

Contrary to popular belief, irrigation is not just about getting water onto your lawn. How water drains from your lawn is equally important. Frisella Landscape Group plans for both water distribution and drainage by re-grading your lawn, installing french drains and rain gardens, and even offering rainwater harvesting solutions.

Irrigation Service Plans

It is important to keep irrigation systems running efficiently for proper coverage and to reduce water usage. This is why we offer a number of irrigation services to ensure your system is performing at its peak capabilities. Below is an example of our basic irrigation service plan.

Basic Irrigation Service Plan

Spring Start Up – Our service technician performs a 30-point check to ensure your system is up and running properly for the year. Annual Backflow Test – Our certified service technician ensures backflow is properly working per municipality standards (required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources if connected to county water).

Annual Backflow Test – Our certified service technician ensures backflow is properly working per municipality standards (required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources if connected to county water).

System Winterization – Our service technician performs another 30-point check that guarantees your system through the winter against the freeze.

Seasonal Adjustments

Monthly adjustments made to the system to ensure the irrigation system is properly irrigating the landscape.


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What Our Clients Say

“This is hands down THE BEST FULL-SERVICE LANDSCAPING COMPANY you are going to find in the Midwest. Not only did they exceed our expectations with the landscaping but they also blew us away with their ability to encompass all of our other outdoor needs including: extensive architectural landscape design, outdoor lighting, maintenance, etc.  You will not be disappointed with these guys! A very impressive operation…Kudos to the leadership out there too!”

Leslie B. | Ladue, MO | Google Reviews

“Tony’s design expertise and attention to detail, considering both the objectives of the client and his own extensive knowledge of what plantings work where, result in outstanding landscapes which become more beautiful with each year of maturity. Every project he has overseen on my property over the last nine years has included attentive communication from concept through estimate, execution, and follow up walk through. Tony also ensures excellent communication among his team. They work together seamlessly to transform the designs into reality. In addition to landscaping, Tony designed exterior lighting to highlight the house and key landscape elements, which has dramatically enhanced the look of the house and grounds at night.”

Pamela H. | Google Reviews

“The Frisella team took our blank canvas of a yard and created a beautiful landscape full of color, texture and natural beauty. From the design work to the installation and maintenance, the entire team is great to work with and very knowledgeable!”

Angie G. | Google Reviews

“Frisella Landscape Group completely transformed my landscaping. Justin designed a landscape plan that included my ideas and he recommended the perfect plantings and features to bring it to life. They kept me informed of the progress of my project and answered all my questions.
Luis and the team of installers did an amazing job of turning the plan into reality. They were professional and worked hard to completely transform my yard.
Thank you to everyone at Frisella Landscape Group.”

Keith K. | Google Reviews

“Tony’s creative design of our patio and landscaping sold us on Frisella. He maximized the available space while building a beautiful outdoor living space for our family. He was willing to work with us to stay within budget. The dedicated installation crew was very talented and stayed on the project through completion.”

James G. | Google Reviews

“We’ve used Frisella Landscaping several times over the last several years as we expand the landscaping around our newly built house. We were astounded by the professional design work and the follow-up after installation. They definitely provide a perspective that you don’t get from other companies.”

Knollwood L. | Google Reviews

“I don’t post reviews often, but I am so pleased with the work Tony and his team have done that it certainly warrants high praise. I’ve used Frisella twice for two fairly large landscaping projects (along with lighting/irrigation). Both times I’ve been blown away by the work they’ve done. Tony not only delivers on the landscaping you request, he’ll create a design you never thought possible. His entire team are highly professional, caring, and have a great eye for detail. I’ve already received rave reviews from my neighbors, some of which have also used Tony and experienced the same results. If you want the best look no further!”

Patrick S. | Google Reviews

“We hired Frisella Landscape Group to handle the installation and on-going maintenance for our new home. The design ideas and the execution of the install was first class. The on-going maintenance is allowing the landscaping to mature and take on the desire appeal. We could not be happier with the outcome. We would highly recommend Tony Jr. and his team of experts.”

Michael F. | Google Reviews
“Here at Frisella Landscape Group we combine expertise in design and regional plant knowledge to create one-of-a-kind landscapes. Come in or check us out online to schedule a design consultation.”
Preston J. | Google Reviews