Landscape Design

Every site is unique and how homeowners engage with the site varies. Some of us enjoy entertaining family and friends, while others are looking for a quiet, calm place to reconnect with nature. It is with this understanding that we approach each new project from a holistic point of view. With a holistic design approach we aim for each of our landscapes to be warm and inviting acting as an extension of our homes and who we are.

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On-Site Meeting: Our first meeting is typically at the project site, whether it is your home or property. At this meeting we work to understand what you are looking for and begin to get an understanding of site conditions.

Design Phase: After our first meeting our designers then begin the design. Collaborating with the department leads they work on design and plant options that would be best suited for your space. Pending the time of year and scope of project this phase can take between two and six weeks.

Design Meeting: We prefer the next meeting to be at our garden center in Defiance. The goal of this meeting is to review your design and provide an in-depth, hands-on approach to understanding the material used in the design. We receive feedback on likes and dislikes.

Design Revisions: If there was feedback on the design we work on the revisions until the design is right. Once the design is approved the project can move into the next phase.

Install Preparation: During this time, our team sources and orders any material that we do not already have for the project. Our production team begins pulling all project material and prepping for the project. It is not uncommon for our production team to be backlogged eight weeks.

Week Prior to Installation: We will notify you that your installation date is approaching and will be contacting the proper authorities to mark any underground utilities.

Installation: Our designer will be on-site to mark up the layout and help guide material location. Our construction managers oversee a team to ensure proper installation of the material being installed.

Final Project Review: Once the project is complete our design team will reach out to schedule a final walk-through of the project to ensure proper installation of all material.